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Adorable moment mother plaits grown son’s hair (Video)

A son who shares a special bond with his mother tasks her with plaiting his hair; the process and the result left many social media users stunned.

A video making the rounds on social media captured the moment a grown man pleaded with his mother to make him look appealing to the ladies.

Adorable moment mother plaits grown son's hair (Video)
In the video, the mother was seen fixing and braiding her son’s hair while doing it with overwhelming joy and a bright smile on her face.

With a gentle touch, she spent ample time braiding her son’s hair, while the young man patiently sat still, watching the progress being made.


As the video progressed, the special bond between the mother and son was unmistakable, and their affection and encouragement for each other were evident.

See some reactions that followed …

@preshdamsel01 wrote: ”Not my mom she once rubbed shaving cream on my brothers’ head when he was sleeping and woke him up after some minutes to go and wash the head”

PrincessAmy said: ‘‘Okay, why is no one yet to point out that your mom is super cute.”

Eve Kuma376 commented: ‘‘She was happy enjoying the moment as you used to be her baby boy ” 

Watch the video below …



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